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Virtually attending a literary salon

I’m thrilled to have been invited to attend the first #yycsalon via Skype tonight and will be live tweeting it since I couldn’t actually make it to Calgary.

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Program enhancement via live blogging and live tweeting

If you cast your net widely for volunteer live tweeters, you’ll be amazed at the coverage you get and the goodwill you create. People will be banging down your doors for the opportunity to participate, not just spectate. Continue reading

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It took almost four billion years for humans to evolve into anything like their current form. The unknown scribbler to best-selling author and household word is also a process. Continue reading

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The Literary Project interviews – me!

I hadn’t quite believed that authors needed help from PR people – or that they’d be willing to pay for my help. They do, they can, and they will. Continue reading

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Some more social media tips and experiences from authors

Readers are passionate people with an insatiable desire for their next fix. And it had better be quality stuff. Continue reading

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Social media could drive a public relations renaissance

So you’re all up to speed on the new rules of engagement for marketing and public relations and how important it is to abandon control of the ‘message’ and engage with your various audiences (the people formerly categorized as ‘stakeholders’ … Continue reading

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Crimes against Twitter: how mainstream media and marketers are messing up

The way many mainstream media outlets behave on Twitter is the virtual equivalent of copious projectile vomiting. The exceptions are a refreshing change of pace. Continue reading

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Social media lets you listen to your customers

Use social media to reap the rewards of listening to all your customers – not just those willing to participate in surveys and focus groups. Continue reading

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How can I resist? Bring on the Canadian marketing gurus

Getting all nationalistic about marketing in my advanced middle age. And, of course, hoping for a free book. Continue reading

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