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Ottawa born, Toronto educated, lived in the Lower Mainland and southern AB for more than a decade. Passionate about community, democracy, and good books. Fond of the Oxford comma.

Middle Age Bulge: Running for Council?

See on – Municipal politics ruthseeley‘s insight: This is Kennedy-esque rhetoric for the 21st Century and I wholeheartedly approve of – and agree – with the points Councillor Thomas makes here. All his points are compelling – but especially … Continue reading

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Twitter and politicians – a Toronto/Lethbridge comparison

As my local municipal election kicks off (vote will be in October 2013, but two candidates have already announced they’re entering the mayoral race) and the Toronto Ford Bros. fiasco continues to dominate mainstream and social media, I got curious … Continue reading

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‘Social reading’ the next phase of e-book revolution – Canada – CBC News

See on – Avid readers Some digital pioneers think that the online sharing of books via social media — social reading — may become the dominant way of both consuming and producing stories. ruthseeley‘s insight: Looking forward to hearing … Continue reading

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How Much Should E-Books Cost?

See on – Avid readers TW Column by David Biddle It’s way too easy for us indie authors to devalue what we’re selling.” ruthseeley‘s insight: Sweet spot for ebook pricing is still where I said it was ~$4-$6. See … Continue reading

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Hope for democracy from the open source movement

We have collaboration tools – can we use them? asks Shirky. I think the more important question is, Will we use them to create a better, fairer world for ourselves? Continue reading

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Media tips from Michael Ignatieff

An unlikely source, I know, but he sounds incredibly relaxed talking to old friend Michael Enright on The Sunday Edition. I like what he has to say about feeding the beast of the 24-hour news cycle as opposed to ‘laying track.’ … Continue reading

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Virtually attending a literary salon

I’m thrilled to have been invited to attend the first #yycsalon via Skype tonight and will be live tweeting it since I couldn’t actually make it to Calgary.

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Revisionist journalism in a social media age

I feel compelled to blog about an experience I recently had with the online (self-described) blog of a local radio station. I, am however, going to blog about it without naming names, because I hope to inspire a bit of … Continue reading

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Program enhancement via live blogging and live tweeting

If you cast your net widely for volunteer live tweeters, you’ll be amazed at the coverage you get and the goodwill you create. People will be banging down your doors for the opportunity to participate, not just spectate. Continue reading

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