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Ottawa born, Toronto educated, lived in the Lower Mainland and southern AB for more than a decade. Geographically, I get around a bit (at least within Canada). Passionate about community, democracy, and good books. Fond of the Oxford comma.


It took almost four billion years for humans to evolve into anything like their current form. The unknown scribbler to best-selling author and household word is also a process. Continue reading

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100 Marketing Stats for 2011 (with some charts and graphs thrown in for good measure)

HubSpot’s latest 100 [Awesome] Marketing Stats, Charts and Graphs – some good stuff in here – always nice to have a fact or two at one’s fingertips. The focus on ‘earned media’ as a descriptor for marketers makes me uneasy … Continue reading

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Author/Publisher Checklist for Online Bookselling and Promotion

The online book buying and recommendation process is not the same as the in-store buying experience, and while it’s got some advantages (instant gratification when you’re buying an ebook, for instance; no trek to the store or waiting for a special order to come in the case of pbooks), it’s also got some disadvantages. Continue reading

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The power of Twitter hits mainstream TV

Knowledge sharing leads not only to collaboration but to lives saved as Twitter hits Grey’s Anatomy. Continue reading

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The Literary Project interviews – me!

I hadn’t quite believed that authors needed help from PR people – or that they’d be willing to pay for my help. They do, they can, and they will. Continue reading

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Media prep, Skeptical Radio, and science-y books for all

Every once in a while it’s good for a PR person to get a taste of her own medicine by doing an interview rather than just arranging one for a client. Continue reading

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Goodreads for authors

Your publisher needs your support and participation, and you are not J.D. Salinger. If and when you’ve written and sold as many books as you care to, feel free to terminate your Goodreads/other book social networking membership and revel in your hermit status. Continue reading

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Blogging for authors: mostly why, with a who and a how or two

Will all Greil Marcus fans become Heather McCormack readers/book purchasers? It’s doubtful. Some might – and by adding a Greil Marcus tag to a blog post it’s that much easier for his fans to find – and connect with – her. Continue reading

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The importance of sitting in on interviews

When the interview’s over, the client gets some frank but constructive feedback on their performance. Sometimes they get their knuckles rapped, not so much for what they’ve said during the interview but for the way they’ve treated the journalist. Continue reading

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Some more social media tips and experiences from authors

Readers are passionate people with an insatiable desire for their next fix. And it had better be quality stuff. Continue reading

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