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The importance of sitting in on interviews

When the interview’s over, the client gets some frank but constructive feedback on their performance. Sometimes they get their knuckles rapped, not so much for what they’ve said during the interview but for the way they’ve treated the journalist. Continue reading

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Dwarf rapes nun: if it bleeds, it still leads

I had several other blog posts in mind but when the link above my email was this headline, I had to click on it and read the story. It’s rare to see a semi colon in a headline, but given … Continue reading

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Out-Smarts and No Spin PR: colleagues, friends, strategic partners

At lunch with Mhairi Petrovic of Out-Smarts on Tuesday, we decided to form a strategic partnership between our two companies. It has, I think, been obvious to both Mhairi and me since we first met in February of this year … Continue reading

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