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The importance of sitting in on interviews

When the interview’s over, the client gets some frank but constructive feedback on their performance. Sometimes they get their knuckles rapped, not so much for what they’ve said during the interview but for the way they’ve treated the journalist. Continue reading

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Social media lets you listen to your customers

Use social media to reap the rewards of listening to all your customers – not just those willing to participate in surveys and focus groups. Continue reading

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Making sense of – and with – social media

@comcastcares’ Frank Eliason has a common-sense approach to customer service that explains so very clearly why his use of Twitter is working for him – and for his employer. Continue reading

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21st Century public relations

I wouldn’t say this was the world’s best video, but it does make a few good points. 1. Writing well is the single most important foundation skill for PR practitioners. 2. Knowing your client’s business (which includes knowing what’s going … Continue reading

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The power of listening: Vancity steps up to the plate

Just got off the phone with Bill Corbett, Vancity’s Business Banking Director, Operations and Cash Management, who had commented on my last post and reached out to me, asking me to contact him to discuss any further suggestions or insights … Continue reading

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The social media disconnect: let’s not change everything

Since moving to British Columbia in 2002, my awareness of local credit union Vancity has been exponentially heightened. This May 2008 Strategy Magazine special report by Carey Toane explains why. Its staff are out there on the community relations front, … Continue reading

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Weekend workshops

Bottles and cans, originally uploaded by The River Thief. Achieving a work/life balance that makes me happy is still an elusive thing, but I’m secretly quite thrilled that I think I have the formula. This may sound odd, but I’m … Continue reading

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