Making sense of – and with – social media

There’s a great article in Business Week‘s Managing section by Rebecca Reisner, entitled ‘Comcast’s Twitter Man.’

Frank Eliason, tweeting as @comcast cares, has often been cited as a model of how corporations can use social media. Reading the article, I understand why – Eliason ‘gets it’ – he knows Twitter is a tool he’s added to his arsenal. And he’s not saying it’s the only tool in his toolbox.

Despite the acclaim, Eliason stresses that Twitter is not a replacement for phone and e-mail help. “This is just one way people have gotten to know us,” says Eliason. “It’s a little more personal. More back-and-forth discussions, and it’s less formal. And it gives immediacy to interactions.”

It’s another way to listen, learn, problem solve, and retain customers. Comcast will still be answering its phones, responding to email and snail mail, updating its web site, and doing all the things successful businesses have always done.

I’ve created a substantial body of links here on using Twitter for business – check them out if you’re interested. You’ll also find some non-Twitter links. Still fascinating, though. 😉

Update: another Business Week article on how various CEOs are using Twitter, this one by Douglas MacMillan.


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2 Responses to Making sense of – and with – social media

  1. Nick McGivney says:

    Seems like a no brainer when you do a little bit of it. Allocating the resources to soc med though must surely be a challenge for any corporation that actively wants in. Another no brainer: bookmarking your links. They’re delish. Thanks.

  2. ruthseeley says:

    You’re welcome. Nice to see you here, Nick.

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