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21st Century public relations

I wouldn’t say this was the world’s best video, but it does make a few good points. 1. Writing well is the single most important foundation skill for PR practitioners. 2. Knowing your client’s business (which includes knowing what’s going … Continue reading


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Why communicating with your stakeholders doesn’t constitute spin

It’s usually those doing the spinning who are quickest to level the allegation against others – here’s a classic case from the UK of the pot calling the kettle black. Continue reading

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Reputation management: the strange case of Sean Avery

Let me begin by saying I’m not a hockey fan and that I neither watch spectator sports nor do I greatly value athleticism (sorry, it’s the truth). When men have talked to me about how they were ‘almost there’ with … Continue reading

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Dwarf rapes nun: if it bleeds, it still leads

I had several other blog posts in mind but when the link above my email was this headline, I had to click on it and read the story. It’s rare to see a semi colon in a headline, but given … Continue reading

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