Three Metro Vancouver events you shouldn’t miss

Three upcoming events Metro Vancouver entrepreneurs (with a 2/3 emphasis on females, that sounds about right, doesn’t it, sisters?) should consider attending.

First, there’s the Canadian Women in Communications Social Media Event on Wednesday, February 11, 2009, from 5-8PM. Details and links here on the Outsmarts blog. I’m looking forward to the presentations by Telus on their bloggers and from CBC on how to create an affordable podcast. Here’s hoping they mean ‘affordable’ and ‘acceptable quality.’

Next is Northern Voice 09, Vancouver’s social media and blogging ‘unconference’ on February 19 and 20, 2009. The event is pretty much sold out, but if you’re struggling with either the concept or the benefits of implementing a social media strategy, you can still win a ticket to the conference by posting a comment here (with links to the conference itself). There are (at least) two great things about Northern Voice: the fact that it’s held on a Friday and Saturday so it means losing only one work day, and the fact that it has continued to provide content for the newbie as well as the social media evangelist.

Third (and this one too sells out quickly – I have yet to register myself but I’m going to get on it right away), is the Dare to Thrive! Women in Business conference put on by Valley Womens Network, Friday, March 27, 2009. Well worth the drive to Coquitlam. I managed to miss this last year and have regretted it ever since – I’ve heard nothing but good things about the calibre of speakers and the appropriateness of topics. Looking at the seminar lineup this year, I’m already biting my nails trying to figure out how I can attend Mhairi Petrovic‘s ‘How to Use Social Media Effectively for Business’ at the same time as Isabelle Mercier of LeapZone‘s ‘Branding from the Inside Out.’ Cloning’s not an option – the world can’t take two of me. Perhaps they’ll be in adjoining rooms and I can run back and forth from one to the other. Or perhaps I’ll take a video camera and record one for my first adventure in vlogging.

Looking forward to meeting some of you there, and to saying hello to others who are presenting, including Fiona Walsh.


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Ottawa born, Toronto educated, lived in the Lower Mainland and southern AB for more than a decade. Passionate about community, democracy, and good books. Fond of the Oxford comma.
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