The social media neoLuddite contest: win a ticket to Northern Voice 09

Multi-tasking IS overrated (and more than a little dangerous, especially when driving). Still, after amazing folks in chat years ago by being able to conduct four text conversations simultaneously, I still do it. (Note: this does not mean just because I have two ears that I can listen to two different conversations at the same time. Nor do I approve of those wacky TV stations that seem to have disappeared – remember the ones that were streaming two to four different video streams on a single screen?)

This morning I was monitoring email, Twittering, participating in a great Marketing Profs webinar with David Meerman Scott, Lose Control of your Marketing: The NEW New Rule of Marketing & PR, and making breakfast when the Tweet came in: registration for Northern Voice ’09 is now open.

I’ve blogged about Northern Voice 07 and 08 here, and here, and – erm – again here. So naturally I’m going this year.

But it occurred to me while registering that the best way to persuade potential clients of the real value of social media would be to show them what it’s all about rather than just trying to tell them. So guess what – I bought two tickets, and you now have the opportunity to win the other one. While the monetary value is a mere $60, and the investment of your time a single Friday (February 20) and Saturday (February 21), the educational, networking, and inspirational value of attending a conference like this is – well – priceless, in my never humble opinion. To quote those credit card company ads [funny that I can never remember whether they’re MasterCard or Visa ads, isn’t it? I’m telling you, in any PR vs advertising contest, PR just keeps on ticking and ticking and ticking. ;)].

This is my contest, so I’m afraid I’ll be making the rules.

Here they are:

  • You must be 35 or older to enter.
  • You must be an entrepreneur. Solopreneur is fine.
  • You must be truly bewildered by social media, but eager to learn.
  • You must enter the contest by posting a comment on this blog post, with either a link to your own blog (if you have one) OR your email address. (There’s neoLuddite and then there’s Stone Age – if you don’t have an email address and don’t know how to access the Internet from even the public library, you’re not quite ready for social media). 
  • Your comment should include some details on what you hope to learn about social media and why you think social media can help you with your business endeavours.
  • Your contest-entry comment must be registered on this blog post by midnight, PST, January 31, 2009.
  • You must be a Northern Voice/blogging/social media conference newbie. If you’ve attended a seminar on social media (blogging, podcasting, Twittering, LinkedIn, etc.) lasting less than a day, you’re still eligible.
  • The winner will be required to answer a simple skill-testing question designed to showcase his/her ability to use Google. Or a dictionary. 🙂

That’s it, except for a few other logistical notes:

This offer does not include transportation (either from out of town or local although I’m willing to consider carpooling – we can discuss this), accommodation, or socialization at NV09 itself. I’ll be attending a full range of seminars and presentations and trying to schedule some 1:1s with folks both local and out of town. Happy to say hello, but no guarantees and no escort service, nor will I be providing the usual ‘comfort and care’ services of a PR professional to a client or providing advice on which seminars you should attend. 

Ticket transfer will be accomplished electronically. (In other words, I’ll add your name and email address to the list of attendees once you’ve been selected.)

Queries regarding conference content and location should be directed to the NV09 organizers, who have put together a great FAQ.

Winner will be announced by noon PST on Tuesday, February 3, 2009 on this blog post.

Can’t wait to read your entries!


About ruthseeley

Ottawa born, Toronto educated, lived in the Lower Mainland and southern AB for more than a decade. Passionate about community, democracy, and good books. Fond of the Oxford comma.
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23 Responses to The social media neoLuddite contest: win a ticket to Northern Voice 09

  1. Hey! You were multitasking during my Webinar! (That’s okay, so was I – thanks for being there).

  2. ruthseeley says:

    Sorry – but the sound kept cutting out, and while the slides were mesmerizing, there was only a certain amount of rabble-rousing I could do in the Q&A section while waiting for the sound to come back on. 🙂 Thanks so much for visiting my blog and for the sneak preview of your new book – I’m waiting for to deliver your ‘old’ one.

  3. Tyler says:

    aww I can’t enter 😦 I’m 5 yrs younger than your min age requirement…

  4. Sandford Tuey says:


    First, I qualify to all your contest conditions.

    Second, I am extremely eager to learn about social media because I have just started my own blog and desire to give back to my community as I once did for four years at the Alliance of Arts and Culture. When Searchgrads completed the one month course, these artists could schedule time with me for free and I would help them make money from their art. Sadly this government program was canceled so I created my blog (which was an educational experience in itself).

    Third, my blog is at

    Forth, I know social media will help me assist fellow creators of entertainment products, stories and characters on how to negotiate contracts and protect their assets. How to license and brand their projects into the public mind share.

    Most importantly, I need to learn about social media as I believe it can help me expand awareness of my business endeavour.

    I have never attended a Northern Voice/blogging/social media conference before. However, I look forward to learning everything I can about blgging, podcasting, Twittering, LinkedIn, Digg, eZine, etc.

    If I win the ticket you would be helping me help others as I am on the cusp of knowledge for this to happen.



  5. Ruth Seeley says:

    Tyler and Sandford, thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

    Tyler you might not qualify on a few other fronts besides age – ahem. Sandford, you certainly do.

    Keep ’em coming folks!

  6. Jon Jennings says:

    I thought I could get @juicybags to enter to win… she passes all the quantitative tests – NV newbie, over 35 (sorry hun), entrepreneur. But I asked her “hey hun, are you truly bewildered by social media?”. She looked at me kinda confused and said “no”.


  7. ruthseeley says:

    Ha ha ha – with more than 1800 Twitter followers, she’s obviously a social media pro. Thanks for visiting (and commenting) though. 🙂

  8. I need this more than anyone and you’ll agree by reading about my strange and unique situation. You mention Luddites, and in fact I practice the very craft that they did. Luddites were textile workers rebelling against the use of industrial weaving looms (which by the way, were the very first computers because they invented the binary system of programing). I am a modern day textile artist and am finding it very difficult to connect with my peers from the 1800’s. #1 will social media/networking allow me to connect with these folks? #2 will social media/networking allow me to connect with other skilled modern day craft artists who have been caught in the same time warp as I have?
    I promise to send a piece of my age-old Luddite craft to the first person who comments on my blog mentioning this strange predicament.

  9. ruthseeley says:

    Kirsten, I’m faint with envy at the beauty and fine workmanship in this quilt on your blog/website’s front page. Zoom in on it folks and you can see the tiny, even stiches on this applied quilt.

    Are you 35+ (29 repeater in womanspeak)?

  10. Anne Wayman says:

    I want to come! I want to come! I was blogging about being a social media luddite today, wondering how many of the young ‘ens would even know the term…

    I’m 66. My readers think I’m tech competent, and I used to be… but I’m way behind. Northern Voice sounds like my kind of conference… not frantic.

    Look, I’m in San Diego, but I’d fly up and wouldn’t expect anyone to put me up; I do know how to find a hotel.

    I’d like to learn how to use social media well and in some fashion that doesn’t eat up hours and hours and hours. Once I master something I tend to teach it. (Hmmmm, can I write an ebook on naps? Now there’s a thought.)

    I’m looking to build residual income through my blogs and ebook sales since and it looks to me like social media can be an effective tool for that sort of thing. Am I right?

    I promise not to be too boorish or newagey even though I’m from California. I do clean up pretty well.

    Oh, and I google pretty well, own a big old dictionary and even go to a real library once in awhile.

    Thanks for this – it’s fun, no matter what the outcome.


  11. Jennifer says:

    I have avoided such networking perhaps too long. I think it’s that stagnant pool inside my mind, the one that the idea of social media has drowned in. Yes, I had a blog back in the day when blogger first appeared, but I just didn’t work it to my advantage.

    Personally, I’d vote for the other ladies…they have much more eloquence. heh.

  12. ruthseeley says:

    Smacks Jen. I still consider this an entry. Are you 35 yet? Will you be 35 by Feb. 19?

  13. ruthseeley says:

    Anne, I’m absolutely delighted you’ve entered my contest.

    And I don’t think your goal of building residual income is at all unrealistic.

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  15. Bill Weaver says:

    Hey Ruth…what a great idea! I clicked on your tweet reply and ended up here. A couple of days ago I ws reading shoemoney blogger and remembered contests or should I say his post kicked my butt and give me great ideas for contests and now you have helped me clarify some other parts I have been stumbling around.

    BTW I love Vancouver…had our election gone differently I would probably be heading up there for good!

    Thanks for the tweet and the support!!!

  16. ruthseeley says:

    Thanks for visiting, Bill. You would have made a great facilitator for a program I attended a few years ago at Vancouver’s Alliance for Arts and Culture. Called SEARCH, it was a month-long program designed to get artists and arts administrators thinking like self-employed people (if not entrepreneurs).

  17. Helen Yagi says:


    I would like to know more about Social Media and blogging, so entered your contest. I do freelance Public Relations and Marketing for independent film, non-profits and arts groups.

    I think learning more about Social Media will really help, since mainstream media often doesn’t cover the projects I work on in great detail. The work I do is usually not in the mainstream, so I’ve found Social Media to be more effective.

    I hope to learn more about blogging, so I can create my own blog; more about the different kinds of Social Media and how to reach the public. It would also be interesting to learn about the future of Social Media.

    Thank you for the contest–it’s a great idea.


  18. ruthseeley says:

    Helen, delighted to see your entry.

    Do you have any kind of ‘web presence’? Facebook, LinkedIn, flickr, Twitter?

  19. Helen Yagi says:


    I’m on Facebook and LinkedIn, but would like to learn how to use and navigate them more effectively.

    Especially to promote events, causes and my own creative work.


  20. ruthseeley says:

    Sounds to me like you need a blog as well – which you can link to both Facebook and LinkedIn, so your blog updates show up there as well. 😉

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  22. ruthseeley says:

    And the winner (randomly drawn) is: Kirsten Chursinoff. I’ll be in touch.

  23. So happy…Northern Voice 09 here I come!

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