Another step on the social media journey

I had been blogging for close to a year before I met another blogger. I attended a meeting of the Vancouver Bloggers’ Meetup Group and met Carol Sill and Isabella Mori of Alphablogs, and heard of Northern Voice, the blogging unconference, from them.

I signed up for only the Saturday session, although I intended to go to the pre-conference  dinner, being held in 2007 in the Volunteer Vancouver Building on Main Street. I didn’t make it, and apparently I missed a chocolate swan fountain or something equally spectacular/fabulous/brilliant.

NV07 Saturday it was raining as only Vancouver knows how to rain (Halifax, I suspect, has a clue, and I seem to recall a pair of lovely Italian claret-coloured shoes with pointy toes and decorative stitching that were shredded in a Halifax downpour). The bus driver(s) (and I think I had to hop on the same bus two or three times before I finally made it to the Forestry Building on the UBC campus) had only the vaguest idea of where I should be going. I was wet. I was very very wet. I missed the first session I’d hoped to attend. I glowered through the second Blogging 101 (photo was taken at this point, when my hair had stopped steaming slightly).

Things didn’t really improve from there and I left after lunch. I was just too wet and too miserable to stay.

But I ran into enough people I’d encountered at the Bloggers’ Meetup Group at NV07 to take another look at their blogs and wade a little deeper into the ‘sphere. I started blogging more. A lot more. I was frustrated by not knowing enough about the technology, and I started looking for books that could help me. I didn’t find any that didn’t seem hopelessly out of date. A four-year-old book on blogging when a gajillion blogs were being created every week? I think not.

I enthusiastically signed up for NV08. This time I made it to the kickoff dinner in the Tiki Lounge of the Waldorf Hotel. I was thrilled to be there, finally – the Tiki Lounge at the Waldorf is to me the equivalent of the Horseshoe Tavern on Queen West in Toronto – the epitome of uncool – which of course makes it one of the coolest places in town.

This year I attended back-to-back sessions – on podcasting, photo sharing, storing, and making. And this year social media was the phrase on everyone’s lips. I’m a social media consultant, said one pert young thing as she was registering. Why, I asked the striking woman to my right in what I hoped was a winningly humourous whine, can’t I be a social media consultant? You can, she replied. And so my friendship with Mhairi Petrovic was born.

Welcome to No Spin PR, 21st Century communications.

More to follow. Photo by Rachael Ashe

Photo by Rachael Ashe

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Ottawa born, Toronto educated, lived in the Lower Mainland and southern AB for more than a decade. Passionate about community, democracy, and good books. Fond of the Oxford comma.
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